The best of both worlds

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You have been on a journey... a journey of self realisation and discovery. You want to know more about yourself, the limits you have, if you even have any, and what devious pleasures you can both embrace and endure.

Your journey has led to the right place. 

I am Lila Payne. 

I am everything you have fantasised about, and everything you may have even been to afraid to admit you want to fantasise about. 

Captivating, fierce, warm and welcoming you will find me the very definition of powerful, strong but approachable, friendly and playful. 

I am everything on the spectrum of your imagination- the strong tyrant, the loving queen, the harsh and brutal dominatrix who devours you completely, soul, body, mind and spirit.

You will find yourself kneeling before me, subjugated by my flesh, will and manner....

....and you will know a freedom and happiness unlike no other.